All of our ingredients are locally sourced and prepared daily
 All menu items can be created as appetizers, snack or main courses 
  1. Slow Roasted Pork w/ Broccoli Rabe and Italian Long Hots
  2. Slow Roasted Beef Brisket w/ Roasted Tomatoes
  3. Oyster Mushroom w/ sautéed garlicky kale
  4. Roasted Eggplant w/ sweet potato puree
Sides:   $3 +  per person 
  1. Spinach Salad w/ Baked Mushroom & Feta
    With garlic and herb dressing
  2. Cous Cous w/ Fresh Vegetables
    Seasonal vegetables with accompanying dressing
  3. Whole Wheat Pasta Salad w/ Mixed Roasted Vegetables.
    with seasonal dressing
  4. All menu items may be modified for dietary concerns.
Snacks and drinks:  $2 + per person
  1. Sweet Potato Chips
    Crispy sweet potato chips with nutmeg
  2. Flavored Seltzer and H2O
    Pallet Cleansing fizzes